Congrats, awesome twosome!  So you are gearing up for that dreamlike Lusaka wedding!  And you know quite well what you need. Shall we have a quick run through the best practices in choosing wedding vendors? Making it a wee bit easier for you, here is Lusaka Bride’s special edition – a pre-wedding gift to an amazing pair.

Our top four tips for you…

  1. Discuss and agree on your priorities – The number of guests, the kind of wedding you’d like to have, your budget etc. are yours to decide. Trust us; it is a lot of fun planning together ?.  Think of all your must haves for your wedding – a flattering dress? An exceptional portfolio? Note them down. This will be your guidebook to choosing the right vendors for that special Lusaka wedding you have always dreamt of.
  2. Short listing services and vendors – Ok, so you might need a wedding planner, a Lusaka venue, a caterer, a photographer, a band, a baker etc. Note down all those services that you would want to add to your list of vendors. Now, how do you choose ‘your kinda people’ from the galore of Lusaka wedding vendors? Fret not, you can find a handy list here to start from.
  3. Matchmaking (with vendors) matters – It is an important day, and you’ll definitely want to be surrounded by your kind of people. You’ll be spending much of your day with these vendors, so make sure you choose wedding vendors that you are comfortable with. Go through their previous works. Do they suit your tastes and personality? Check with your friends and family – you might find someone recounting on how comfortable and friendly someone you had already shortlisted was!
  4. Entering the deal – Once you have finalized your vendors, don’t rush. Writing your agreement down to the last detail will ensure that you and your vendors are on the same page – both with your expectations and with what they offer. Bring out your negotiation skills. Most Lusaka Wedding vendors will be more than happy to offer you some extras on goodwill – if only you ask!

With all the right vendors to support you, you can stay worry-free celebrating your very special day – the day you say yes to togetherness. Cheers!


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