Congrats to you on your soon-to-happen Lusaka wedding! We know the feeling could be overwhelming. So to make things easier for you, we compiled a comprehensive list of things to do – some romantic, some practical and some preparatory for the wedding

Right after you said yes to a life of togetherness…

  1. Bask in the moment – Take a ring selfie, express the excitement and share the love. It is your day!
  2. Let it sink in – Once you have celebrated the moment to your heart’s content, it is now time to let it sink in. You could use some quiet time. A warm cozy corner to cuddle up and relax should be perfect.
  3. Go for a dinner/movie date together – A little celebration with just the two of you before you break the news to the world. You owe yourself some ‘you time’.
  4. Make it public – Post your ring selfie on your social networks, call your family and friends and tell them the big news (and change your FB status to “committed”, yeah?) ?
  5. Throw a party for friends – What are life’s joys without your friends being a part of it? And this great news definitely calls for an intimate celebration.

A few things that are not so romantic (but practically useful nonetheless)

  1. Do a manicure – your fingers are definitely going to be in the limelight for a few weeks now ?.
  2. Size your ring – Does the ring fit you well? If yes, that is great. If no, you may need to size it at a jeweler’s.
  3. Insure your ring – as much as it sounds unromantic, an engagement ring insurance is something that you’d need for all practical reasons
  4. Find wedding inspirations – look for theme and elements and compile them for future reference

The wedding planning list

  1. Think about your wedding date – discuss with your partner on possible dates for the big day.
  2. Think about the number of guests you’ll together have – How many guests are you planning to invite?
  3. Understand your budget – No planning works without a proper budget plan. You may want to discuss on how much you are ready to spend for each service related to your wedding.
  4. Research on venues and allied services – look up online and visit a few places before you can get an idea of your preferences for the wedding.
  5. Plan your wedding day look – look through designers’ portfolios and bridal salons for your wedding dress and accessories.
  6. Research on wedding photographers here on how to choose the right one.

Finally, get some time to rest and relax. It is always best to keep your wedding date a bit far away so that you don’t have to hurry through the lists and feel overwhelmed by the time constraints. Enjoy life! Cheers on your soon to be wedding ?.

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