You said yes, and your wedding is getting closer. You are looking at wedding venues, menus, cakes and even wedding invitation cards. Then begs the question, who should you invite to your wedding? There is a saying that goes like, wait… I don’t remember the exact wording, but it talks about how weddings and funerals are the two places you are likely to meet most of your family. Over the years I have seen friends and family alike marry and watched homes flood with relatives during such events. We have grannies, aunties, uncles, nephews, nieces and cousins’ show up to render support on that big day, not forgetting the friends that evolved into family.  So then how do you decide who to invite to your wedding and who not to? There are a couple of things to consider, like your budget and also Covid-19 restrictions. In this day and age, we cannot talk about social gatherings and leave out the ‘new normal’.  Depending on where you live, most of gatherings are being restricted especially when it comes to attendance.

Oh well, other than the budget, we can add Covid-19 restrictions to help determine our wedding guest list. Below are some questions to ask yourself as you narrow down your wedding invitation list.

  1. Are they family? We can separate family into immediate and extended. I would like to think that immediate family is definite yes. So how do you then deal with extended family? For starters, you shouldn’t feel obligated to invite people you haven’t spoken to since you were seven. Some of the questions you could ask are: Have you spoken to them in the last 12 months? Is it someone your parents would want there? Will they make your wedding fun? Can you imagine your big day without them? Would you be upset if they didn’t invite you to their wedding? Inviting family can be a tricky, best handle it with care.
  2. Are they your friend? This could be your best friend, old roommate, neighbor, family friend or even frienemy. Do they know your partners name? Is it someone you would buy dinner for? Are they someone you look up to? Are you trying to prove a point? Inviting friends to your wedding is a must, but are they really your friend?
  3. Are they everybody else? This could be coworkers, social media friends, gym buddies, personal trainers and whosoever is fit for this category. ? Do you spend time with them outside work/gym? Did they invite you to their wedding? Is it a guilt invite? Will not inviting them bring drama? I know co-workers can be a bit tricky and that’s why some people opt to send a blank wedding invitation and have the office decide who to send. However, depending on your budget, best you leave out acquaintances from this intimate occasion.

Side note: Consider your guest’s significant other. If it is someone you know and have meet on several occasions, you might want to address the invitation to both.

If there is a person you feel you need to explain why you did not invite them to your wedding, take some time and talk to them, I am sure they will understand. Also, I think we are still allowed to blame covid-19 for everything, too soon? This is a big day for you, you want to be surrounded by loved ones. And if you can only have a limited number, invite wisely. To invite or not to invite, that is the question.

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