Wowie, it’s your Lusaka wedding!

And you deserve the best custom-made cake the day you say, “I do”!

How about a list of things to remember while choosing your wedding cake? The Lusakabride blog walks you through some pointers in this edition

Size of the Wedding Cake

Make sure you have an idea about the number of guests before you choose your cake. Usually a three-tier cake will serve 50-100 guests while a five-tier cake will be good for more than 200.

Consider the space. If you are having a grand Lusaka wedding at a huge ballroom, a small cake would be a totally wrong fit. For bigger venues go for more tiers, even if that means some Styrofoam ones. Yeah, seriously!

Pricing matters

Wedding cakes in Lusaka, Zambia can cost anywhere from a thousand Kwacha up to a few thousands. Here are some cake pricing tips that could come handy as you plan your wedding cake budget.

  • Fondant icing is more expensive than butter cream
  • Designer cakes with elaborate handmade decorations will cost more
  • Cakes are often priced per serving slice
  • Natural cake décor – like seasonal flowers or fruits – will work out cheaper yet beautiful
  • Cut the cost by sizing the cake down. Add desserts or cupcakes to fill in and that can allow smaller slices from the wedding cake


Selecting your frosting
Find your frosting preference – Like a neat, sophisticated look on your wedding cake? Consider fondants. Do you have a sweet tooth?  Buttercream would be a more delectable choice. Meringue gives a silky texture that is less sweet. It is all about your preference, you see!

Consider the season – Fondant coverings are good for summers, as they don’t melt. And they don’t even need refrigeration. On the other hand, you can opt for some yummy butter cream, meringue or whipped cream during colder seasons.

So, what is your cake choice? Whatever it is, we wish your wedding cake adds that perfect icing to your celebration. Cheers to you and cheers to togetherness!

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