An old acquaintance of mine and her colleague had their weddings scheduled for the same day. As it turns out they fell in love with the exact same wedding dress. If things were different, they probably could have gone halfsies on the dress and cut down on expenses. But instead, they each ended up getting the exact same dress. It’s a shame, they could have started their own sisterhood of travelling wedding dress. This brings me to today’s question, would you wear a used wedding dress?

A wedding is a once in a life time event… sometimes two, three or more. Every girl dreams of that day, Prince charming, the grand entrance, the unlimited budget and of course the beautiful breathtaking dress. So then, why might one consider buying a used dress, here are a couple of reasons;

  • If you are going for two dresses for the ceremony and the reception, it might be more cost efficient.
  • You might be more inclined to the previous seasons’ style (bonus point, you won’t have to look like every other bride for that year)
  • Used doesn’t always mean old or out of style
  • If you are into a little tradition then the dress can be your something old
  • Reusing a dress is good for the planet – eco friendly
  • You might score a designer dress at a fraction of the price.
  • You will wear the dress for a couple of hours but your memories will last forever

So when that time comes, you might want to consider used dresses. Every cent saved might be diverted to something else on the to do list, photography, decor or even room for more guests. Check out Lusaka Brides miniature collection of pre-loved wedding dresses, your dream dress might just be waiting for you.

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