What will you do with your wedding dress?

If you ask me where my wedding dress is today, my answer would be I have no idea. After moving houses and countries, I would like to think it is in one of the many suitcases I left at my parents’ house (yes, the hoarder in me). For my big day I had the one dress, but these days some people opt to have two dresses. Do you know where you dress/dresses are today?

But what happens after the big day? After the photos, the dancing and the stress, oh yes, don’t forget the joy. To keep or not to keep? Some opt to keep the dress for future generations. While for others, it serves as a personal size monitor in case you go off the rails with cheesecake, or whatever your choice of poison maybe. Another common option is hiring it out, but the least common thing to do is selling.

So why sell your dress:

  • You are most likely never going to wear it again
  • It’s taking up space in your wardrobe
  • It might be to old fashion for your daughter to wear
  • It less hands on compared to the nitty gritty of hiring out
  • Might be a good way to jump start your vacation account

Instead of keeping it in the unknown having it gather dust, you could give someone else the opportunity to build more wonderful memories in that beautiful gown. Fact is, there is no right or wrong decision when it comes to what to do with your wedding dress. It is your personal decision.

If you decide to sell, let Lusaka Bride help you. Lusaka Bride buys quality dresses or let’s you reach a wider audience when you choose to post your dress on our website. Contact us for more details.

Tell us, what did you do with your wedding dress?


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