Were you recently married? Do you have one bridal photo that’s so fantastic that you want to share it? Here at Lusaka Bride, we love wedding photos and all they stand for. This is why we host a monthly Lusaka Bride of the Month Competition!

Lusaka Bride of the Month Competition – November 2022

How to Enter:
Choose your favorite bridal photograph and submit it here:
Upload and submit your bridal picture >>

How We Determine the Winner:
At the end of the month, the photograph with the most votes is deemed the winner.

When the Winner Is Announced:
We announce the winner of each month’s competition sometime between the 3rd and 6th of the following month.

What the Winner Gets: November Price – K800.00
Prizes vary and will be determined on a monthly basis, but each bridal winner will have an announcement posted on Lusaka Bride that will include several more wedding photos of your choice!

How to Get More Votes:
Share this page with your family and friends! The more people you share this page with, the more votes you will get!
Vote for Your Favorite Lusaka Bride in November!

Calling all friends, family members, and co-workers of Lusaka Brides: vote for your favorite bride so that we can determine November’s winner!

Voting Instructions:
Take a look at the bride images below, then click on the one you want to vote for. If you accidentally vote for the wrong Lusaka Bride, simply click “Change Vote” in the bottom left, then select the bride you intended to vote for.


What Is the Lusaka Bride of the Month Competition?

Here at Lusaka Bride, we love seeing all of your wedding photos and sharing them with others! Since we’re already experiencing your photos along with you, we decided to set up a friendly monthly competition that allows your friends and family to vote and nominate you Lusaka Bride of the Month!

More About the Lusaka Bride of the Month Competition:

How Do I Enter to Be Named “Lusaka Bride of the Month?”
Want to have your best bridal photograph submitted to us for voting? It’s easy! Whenever you get your bridal photos, submit your favorite one to us on our website. It’ll only take a few minutes. When you see the following month’s “Lusaka Bride of the Month Competition” post come out on our blog, share it with your friends and family!

How Do You Choose Each Lusaka Bride of the Month?
At the end of the month, we take a look at which photograph received the most amount of votes – so make sure you share your month’s competition page with your friends and family members!

When Is the Winner Announced on Lusaka Bride?
Once voting closes, we tally the votes and start preparing our announcement! Winners for each Lusaka Bride of the Month Competition will be announced between the 3rd and 6th of the month following the competition month you were entered into.

Are There Prizes for the Winning Bride?
Sometimes, we offer exclusive prizes to the winner of each month’s Lusaka Bride competition. Prizes are determined on a monthly basis and will vary from month to month. We also develop a blog post to announce each month’s winner – it will include several of your favorite wedding photos if you’d like!

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