Designer Clair Pettibone’s collection of wedding dresses encompass the beauty of vintage romance. They also brim with a vibrant Bohemian spirit. Lusaka bride looks into some of her top tips on choosing a wedding dress – something special for that special day of your life.

Here are some pointers for the new brides looking to pick the best wedding dress

  1. Research and research well – Do your research by checking the websites of designers and bridal salons to get an idea of what you might actually fancy wearing (but hadn’t realized that you do)
  2. Have and open mind – You do not wear wedding gowns every day and is natural to feel different or even odd in it. Dare to try different styles – the one that you may have thought would suit you the least might even turn out to be your best choice! You never know!
  3. Be selective on what you want to try on – Don’t go about clicking pictures of yourself in all the dresses and in all different angles. Too many of them will complicate your choice.
  4. Take it slow –Do not rush through many stores in one day trying out as many different dresses as you can. You will only end up feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and even more confused.
  5. Listen to your heart – It is your day. It is all up to you to own that look you had fancied for your big day. Too many people ‘helping’ you make the decision will only leave you all blurred with ideas.
  6. Dare to break the stereotypes – No, you need not be slim to look great in a fitted dress, cheaper is not always better and wedding dresses does not always have to be white! Dare to experiment beyond the stereotypes.
  7. Start shopping in advance – Give yourself enough time to go through the stores and designers at a comfortable pace. Start your shopping process 9-12 months in advance. Ideally, your dress should be selected at least 6 months in advance and ready within 3 months after that. This will leave you with enough time for any alterations.

Wedding is a celebration of love and it is this love that accentuates your beauty. It does so in many ways than you may have ever imagined. Your wedding day look in your dress is not just about the fabric and the laces. There is much more to it than the materials that go into it. So no matter what, you ARE going to be a beautiful bride. Trust us on that. Happy wedding!

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