Plan your picture perfect Lusaka wedding

Choosing a venue is one major decision you have to make after you have chosen to say yes to a life of togetherness. You need a space to celebrate the day when you say ‘I do’. And you’ll want to make it memorable with friends and family joining you in the celebration.

Your wedding planner can be your best friend in helping you find the perfect venue for your dream wedding. Planners, as part of their business, tend to know the best places around Lusaka for every kind of wedding you might be thinking of.

How big a place do you need to accommodate all your guests? 
The number of guests is one of the first things you will have to decide before you start looking for your venue. The space to accommodate your guests comfortably is your key concern. Sit down with your wedding planner and chart an estimate of the number of guests that you will be having over on your wedding day.

Keep your budget in mind
Break up your budget and make sure you allocate only what you can spend on a venue for that purpose. You may also want to check out what comes with the contract when you rent a place. Some spaces will have an all-inclusive fee which might make it look easier to plan but can be slightly on an expensive side. Empty spaces are cheaper but you may need to add the costs of hiring the chairs, décor, tableware, catering etc. Consider the overall costs while planning your budget for the venue.

What kind of a wedding are you planning to have?
Barns and farms go well with a rustic wedding, ballrooms and fine restaurant spaces align well with a vintage wedding, vacation homes are perfect for a small intimate wedding, outdoors and natural landscapes make brilliant backdrop for a dreamlike wedding. Your wedding planner can give you awesome ideas in this regard. So, make sure you talk to them on this.

What are your priorities and preferences?
Priorities and preferences will be different for each couple. Think about what could be the most important considerations for your special date. Do you think the convenience of location matters to you and your guests? Do you need a pet friendly and kid friendly space? Are you planning on engaging an outside caterer?  Note them down and check them against the venues you will be considering for your wedding day.

It is a special day and it calls for a special place. Take your time to sit down and check the options in front of you. After all, good things should not be decided in a hurry. Wishing you the very best and happy planning!

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