Yayy, it’s your wedding! It’s time to bask in all the love and limelight! It is also the time to plan your Lusaka wedding, not to feel exhausted from it. But what if you have full time jobs to take care of too? It is here that the wedding planners come to your rescue. Your wedding planner’s job is to take charge of what weighs you down. They can manage all or part of your Lusaka wedding preps, just the way you want it.

Apart from your needs and budget here is a list of five things that you should consider while choosing a Lusaka wedding planner…  just so that things get a bit easier for you!

  1. Personality and style – We cannot stress this enough. While choosing the wedding planner, ensuring that your personalities click matters the most. If the planner’s personality and style gels in with that of yours, doubt not! Your wedding is surely gonna be the wedding of your dreams.
  2. Reliability factor – Planning can be overwhelming. Sometimes you may just have to let go – trust your planner and rest assured that things will finally be the way you want it. Check with previous clients on how reliable your Lusaka wedding planner is when it comes to such situations.
  3. Communication – To be efficient, a wedding planner needs to communicate effectively and in a timely manner. This goes for the communication with you, the other vendors and with his own team.
  4. Cost – Look at the charges and the payment structure. Some planners charge you a flat fee while others would have a base fare + the charges for the other vendors. It is also important that your wedding planner understands how much you intend to spend on your wedding.
  5. Schedules – Does the wedding planner overbook? If he is managing more weddings on the same day, you may need to make sure they don’t conflict with or impact your wedding plans.

Plan on! Good luck and happy wedding!

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