Love is in the air! And you want it in your wedding music too

Choosing your Lusaka wedding DJ needn’t be a risk that you take! This edition of the LusakaBride blog focuses on the right questions to ask to find the right DJ who can create the mood.

Your DJ not only hits the play button on the wedding music. He is also in charge of emceeing the big day. He will be controlling the music, communicating with the others and coordinating the sequence of the programs planned. And there! You know why you must frame your questions carefully. The trick is to understand the DJ’s three most important qualities – personality, flexibility and communication skills. So, what should you ask? Worry not; we have a list that you can further work upon.

Here you go with the questions!

Are you a full time DJ?
For, of course, you will want a professional and not a hobbyist to DJ your Lusaka wedding.

Who will DJ at my wedding?
DJ companies often have a sizeable team. Make sure you know and like who is coming to yours. Check out whether the DJ is familiar with your Lusaka venue. (For then, he will then know his stage and the staff around there)

What about your license, insurance and backup plan?
You wouldn’t want to take chances here, would you? Make sure your DJ has a valid license and insurance. Though we can hope for it not to happen, it is always comforting to know how good a backup plan they have in case something goes wrong. Yeah, talk about the back-up tools and equipment, DJ etc.

Do you do more than just DJ-ing?
Some of the Lusaka DJ companies offer you some take-aways. Or there could be packages of extras, bringing the total expense down.

Are you a “Wedding DJ”?
Events are different. DJ-ing for them are different too. You’d want your DJ to be a specialist in weddings. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a video of a wedding event done by them for further understanding.

Does our styles match?
Figuring out whether your DJ’s styles matches with your own is extremely important. You don’t want to be seen with a raised brow on your very special day! Also, ask if you can share your favorite playlist and whether they can handle guest requests.

A bit of homework can make your evening even more special. DJ, dance and fun, may your wedding be an extra special one!



Lusaka Wedding DJ’s & Music Providers


Trinah & The BlueNote Band
Phone Number: +260 964453590
Services: We are a live band that performs live music, full band and acoustic sets according to your preference.


Kingdom Muzik Entertainment & Events
Phone Number: +260 977397630
Services: We Provide a Professional Sound System for:- Wedding’s, Kitchen Parties, Birthday Parties, Bridal Shower, Road Shows, Anniversaries, Reunions, Conference Meetings, Church Gatherings, End of Year Parties & E.t.c.

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