Covid-19 – that is what the whole world is discussing now. Lusaka too has social distancing rules in place and people are being cautious in their lifestyle. So, what about your Lusaka, Zambia wedding plans? With more than half of the world’s population staying at home due to the pandemic, should you be concerned? How can you be safe and keep others safe too this season?

What is happening in the global weddings scene?

Destination weddings have taken a beating – Travel is now almost impossible with most travel options suspended due to the COVID situation. According to industry experts destination weddings are being called off in favor of other dates or local alternatives.

Weddings before June are being postponed or scaled down considerably – Social distancing is in place almost everywhere around the world causing 96% of the weddings planned for April, May or June 2020 to be rescheduled or re-planned.

Resource scarcity – Finding it hard to source the raw materials many wedding vendors are now recommending alternatives to their clients. For example, 80% of wedding gowns used globally are produced in China. So, China being closed for trade is affecting their supply chains.

Microweddings and virtual weddings are in – Couples are exploring options that adhere to the social distancing directives. Considering the safety of guests who are aged or immunocompromised, several low-keyed weddings are being planned including

Microweddings – This is the kind of wedding with just the couple and less than 15 guests attending. Live streaming is often done for guests who can’t make it to the wedding. This kind of wedding also brings down the expenses to about 1/6th of the original plan.

Virtual weddings – A good number of couples are opting to exchange the wedding vows with no guests physically present but joining the celebration virtually through online apps (like Zoom).

Postponed weddings – Postponement is one of the most popular alternative among couples now. But finalizing on the new date is tricky in this scenario. It depends heavily on how well the world recovers from the current health situation and might probably take a year or more.

No ceremony wedding – Many are deciding to move into a wedded life skipping the celebrations and ceremonies altogether.

How and when you tie the knot is a very personal choice. But right now you may want to:

  • Weigh your options – can you afford to think of a plan B?
  • Call up your Lusaka vendors – Check out their recommendations and reschedule options
  • Contact all your guests – What are their health and travel risks? Find out if they can sync with the changes if you choose to replan.

In times like these, it is indeed safety over celebrations. Stay safe and stay healthy. Good luck!

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